Rational Cleaning Products in Wales

Ordering Rational Cleaning Products & Accessories

Have you considered arranging regular deliveries of RATIONAL cleaning and care products by Kitbar Equipment (Wales) as you require them? Kitbar is always happy to receive your enquiry.

Customers may order cleaning chemicals and accessories by filling out the form below and we will get back to you with a quote for the order and delivery.

The delivery price for chemicals varies and the average price per load is around £20.

Make sure you get the right chemicals!

Please check your serial number as below :-


Example Serial Number

  • The first letter G or E indicates if the oven is Gas or electrically heated
  • The Number is to identify the oven type ie 61 is a 6 shelf oven, 11 is a 10 shelf
  • The next pair of letters specify the cabinet type and indicate the chemicals required
  • The next two numbers indicate the last two digits of the year of manufacture.
  • The following two numbers are the month of manufacture.
  • The remaining numbers are the unique oven number.

If you require advice or are unsure of the item required, please get in touch either by calling 07801 103227 or filling in our contact form.